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Professional Consensus:

Youth deserve comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care (SRH)

Below are various policy statements, publications and resources which center the needs of young people

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

The Adolescent’s Right to Confidential Care When Considering Abortion (AAP

Options Counseling for Pregnant Adolescent Patient (AAP)

Academic Publications

Call to Action: Healthcare Providers Must Speak Up for Adolescent Abortion Access (JAH)

The Need for Reproductive Justice in Pediatrics (JAMA Pediatrics)

Research Summaries

Barriers to Adolescent Abortion Access (Summary of Research)

Talking Points

Disproportionate Impacts of Abortion Access Restrictions on Adolescents (Talking Points)

Journalist Resources on Abortion

Check out Physicians for Reproductive Health's resources on abortion created specifically for the press (Press Resources)

Joint Statements

Statement on leaked draft SCOTUS opinion regarding Mississippi v. Jackson Women’s Health (SAHM/NASPAG)

Adolescent access to abortion


State-Level Abortion Access After Roe 

This interactive map that gives updated information on state-specific laws and policies (Guttmacher Institute)

Judicial Bypass by State

A majority of states require parental involvement when a minor wants an abortion.  There is a legal process called judicial bypass to obtain an abortion without parental involvement.  This interactive map provides state-specific information and resources (If/When/How)

Adolescent decision making in SRH




Image by Priscilla Gyamfi
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