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Birth Control Access Is Under Threat After Texas Judge's Ruling Against Title X (Teen Vogue) co-authored by Laura Lindberg 

How the Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Left Many Youth Behind (Teen Vogue) featuring Lauren Ralph


A Major Problem for Minors-Post-Roe Access to Abortion (Stat News) featuring Tracey Wilkinson, Julie Maslowsky, and Laura Lindberg

Adolescents faced obstacles getting abortions. The Supreme Court just made it harder (NPRfeaturing Julie Maslowsky 

How to talk to kids about abortion (NPRfeaturing Elise Berlan

Now is the time to talk to your teens about birth control. Here's how. (Washington Postfeaturing Annie Hoopes and Julie Maslowsky

What New Abortion Bans Mean for the Youngest Patients (New York Timesfeaturing Lauren Ralph

How Anti-‘Abortion Trafficking’ Laws Actually *Harm* Youth Trafficking Survivors (Ms. Magazineby Aisha Mays and Subasri Narasimhan 

Youth in the news

Young people are incredible advocates for their own sexual and reproductive health


Olivia Julianna on Gen Z for Change, Fundraising Off Matt Gaetz, and Texas Politics (Teen Vogue)


Gen Z is Influencing the Abortion Debate-on Tik Tok (Washington Post)

With Roe Set to Fall, Minors Seeking Abortion Have Few Choices Left (NPR)

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