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We are researchers, clinicians, and policy experts working to ensure youth are included in all conversations about reproductive healthcare equity and access.

YRE is composed of researchers, clinicians, legal and policy experts, and young people working to ensure that every adolescent and young adult in the United States has the autonomy to make informed choices about their own body and can access a full range of evidence-based sexual and reproductive health services to support their health and wellness throughout their life. Since November 2021, we have worked tirelessly to articulate and communicate the specific implications for adolescents of anticipated changes in the abortion access landscape following the Supreme Court ruling that eliminated federal protections on abortion under Roe v. Wade.


Bianca Allison, MD, MPH (North Carolina)

Melanie A. Baca, MD (New Mexico)

April Bell, PhD, MPH (California)

Nancy Berglas, DrPH (California)

Elise Berlan, MD, MPH (Ohio)

Karen Bernstein, MD, MPH (Illinois)

Vinita Goyal, MD, MPH (Texas)

Lee Hasselbacher, JD (Illinois)

Andrea Hoopes, MD, MPH (Washington)

Dana Johnson, PhD, MPAff (Texas)


Melissa Kottke, MD, MPH, MBA (Georgia)

Laura Lindberg, PhD (New Jersey)

Emily Mann, PhD, MA (South Carolina)

Julie Maslowsky, PhD, MSW (Illinois)

Aisha Mays, MD, MPH (California)

Subasri Narasimhan, PhD, MPH (Georgia)

Ryan Pasternak, MD (Lousiana)

Lauren Ralph, PhD, MPH (California)

Riley Steiner, PhD, MPH (Washington, D.C.)

Alicia Swartz, PhD, MSN, PHP, RN (California)

Nichole Tyson, MD (California)

Tracey A. Wilkinson, MD, MPH (Indiana)

Sarah Wood, MD, MSHP (Pennsylvania)

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